Lightning-fast boundless music creation.
Alone or together.

Launching spring 2020.


Collaborate live with anyone, anywhere.

Find and join 'Jams'

Jams are like live chat for making music. Jam with as many or few people as you want. Grab a bunch of friends and start one, explore the community and join one or just lean back and listen.

Create and share 'rifffs'

Rifffs are small loops of music that take seconds to create, share and remix. Use high quality built-in instruments and FX or plug in your favourite external gear to make incredible music.


Express yourself in the moment

Find jams that fit your style

Explore the vast range of jams on Endlesss and find the exact mood that matches your day.

Endlesss - Jam with others

Create without boundaries

A unique live-looping workflow gives you the speed and freedom to explore fluidly and fearlessly.

Endlesss - Play screen

Inspire and be inspired

Experience the thrill of remixing and being remixed. Live. In a free flowing jam.

Endlesss - In Jam view