Let’s come together...
100 years ago music was a social activity that brought people together.
Today we're surrounded by amazing music technology but spend so much time alone perfecting tracks.
We're building Endlesss.fm, a virtual place where you can make and share music in the moment, solo or with friends.

Rifffs are short snippets of music with multiple layers that can be created using built-in or external instruments.
Every time you add or remix layers a new Rifff is created. Rifffs can be shared live with friends in a jam.

Work in progress

We’ve been working on Endlesss over the last 3 years. Our goal is to build a fun, spontaneous, collaborative music-making tool so you can
  • Keep your creative flow nearby at all times by making Rifffs on your phone or in your DAW
  • Connect and jam with friends instantly by creating and sharing Rifffs in realtime
  • Build up a journal of all your Rifffs which you can access anywhere
  • Seamlessly import and export Rifffs to and from your DAW
We want to turn music-making into a conversation that everyone can take part in, wherever, whenever.

We’ve only just begun and are ready to share our first steps with you.

We will send out invitations to our early access list soon
and are aiming for a full launch later this year!

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Current Features

iOS App

  • Create and remix Rifffs using internal instruments and mic/line in
  • Sample-based bass, synth and drum soundpacks
  • Remix FX pack
  • Retrospective looping - never miss a great moment
  • Set up jams and invite friends
  • Share and download Rifffs in realtime
  • Option to receive notifications when a friend remixes your Rifff
  • Rifff browser with infinite storage of all Rifffs (compressed audio)
  • Export Rifffs as stems (compressed audio)
  • Ableton Link

Endlesss on iOS

Future Features


  • Chat-style interface update
  • More soundpacks
  • Analogue modelling synthesis
  • Text messages in jams
  • Uncompressed audio (paid option)

VST Plugin

  • Create, share and remix Rifffs within your DAW
  • Use your favourite samples, plugins and instruments
  • Hand off Rifffs between your phone and DAW
  • Jam live with friends from DAW to phone and back